Vol 20 Issue 8  August 2013

Monthly Meeting

Meeting Time: 
Fri, 09/13/2013 - 11:15am - 1:00pm

Speaker: Rick Thome, CRPS®, CSNA

Topic: How to create your HR 401k Fiduciary Responsibilities check list and understanding your liability as the HR manager        

Sponsor: Hub International Gulf South LimitedHub International

Fee: $15 for MSHRM members, $20 for guests

Location: Heron Lakes Country Club, 3851 Government Boulevard, Mobile, AL 36693

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From The President's Desk

Can you believe that 2013 is more than halfway over? It won’t be long before we’ll be ushering in the holidays and ringing in a new year. As the fall season approaches, open enrollment is right around the corner. Although choosing the right benefit package is a personal choice, most employees struggle with the selection and definition of the plans. It’s difficult for our employees to predict if the flexible spending account with the HRA plan or the long-term savings with the HSA plan will cover additional medical expenses, in the event of a serious illness. We’ve all been touched by a family member, friend, or co-worker’s sudden/serious illness. The time of diagnosis is not the time that we want our employees to seek an understanding of their benefits, or face decisions of either keeping their lights on, or buying an expensive prescription. We have an obligation to protect, prepare, and inform our employees. After all, we are in the business of “Human Resources”.

I know that there’s a special group (Benefits) that are the real brains of the open enrollment process. But what can we do to assist? The Benefits department is usually staffed with only a few team members that take care of hundreds of employees. Can we help them get the message out, and help our employees make educated decisions? Sure we can! We can share the demographics of our workforce with Benefits to help them better organize materials for distribution. We can partner with Benefits to schedule meetings that focus on smaller doses of information, rather than one meeting serving up all plans in one sitting. We can suggest setting up a help-line or email box, to assist with fielding questions. Most importantly, HR can be available to lend a hand. If we don’t know the answer, assure our employees that we’ll work until we get one.

Selecting the right benefit package, that will provide the right coverage not just for an annual check-up, but in a medical emergency is as much a part of the Wellness focus as encouraging exercise. We must leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of our employees, because they are our most important asset.

Best Regards,
Kay Watson

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Congratulations to MSRHM’s newly certified professionals!

Congratulations to the chapter members and/or prep class attendees who notified the chapter that they earned HRCI certification during the winter 2012/2013 testing window.

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If you earned your PHR certification during 2012 or 2013 and are not listed here, please contact certification@mobileshrm.org to share your good news and we’ll include you in a future announcement.  
The next chapter-sponsored certification prep class is scheduled to begin January 27, 2014. Watch for details in next month’s newsletter!



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