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Our 2014 Mobile SHRM Conference is scheduled for Friday, November 14th.

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by Christopher Jones and Elisabeth A. Doehring

Here's a question you've heard many times:
“How many glasses of water do we need to drink in a day?” Two, three, four or more?  You've heard it so often because it's anWater Glass important question.  Our doctors might say eight. However, if we want long-term good health, we need to read on.

The equation is easy.  What’s our weight?  Take our weight and then divide that number in half.  That's how many ounces of water we need to drink per day.  For instance, a person who is 200 pounds will need to drink 100 ounces of water per day to be adequately hydrated. 
(That equates to 12.5 glasses of water!)

An athlete with a high level of muscle mass needs to drink even more---about two-thirds of their body weight in ounces per day.

Between 55 and 75% of our body weight is water.  Our body's need for water is second only to the need for oxygen!  Some of the many reasons that we need this life-giving liquid include:

  • It assists the digestion, absorption, and elimination of the food we eat
  • It assists with the excretion of waste from our bowels and kidneys
  • It regulates our body temperature 24/7
  • It lubricates our joints and membranes
  • It works with our blood in our body's transport system, constantly distributing nutrients around the body
  • Our blood is actually made up of approximately 92% water.
  • Body secretions and digestive juices are almost entirely water (our digestive system produces approximately 1.7 litres of saliva each day) 

Water is a natural appetite suppressant.  Lack of water leads to overeating.  The brain doesn't differentiate between hunger and thirst.  When we think we’re feeling hungry, chances are, our bodies actually need water.  So instead of stopping for a visit to our favorite drive thru for a bag of soggy fries or sugary snack at the nearby convenience store, we need to drink a large glass of water before we eat.

If there is no water cooler/dispenser at work, we need to take a two-liter water bottle with us each day - it will help us monitor our water intake.

Water is your body's life force.  Without it we would literally dry up!

HR Internships Needed

Still Looking For HR Interns!!!

Internship LookoutHR students in the Mitchell College of Business are in need of Human resource management internships for spring semester.


  • Students must work at least 150 hours, approximately 10 hours per week in a 15 week semester (15 hours per week summer semester).
  • Students are engaged in meaningful HR/business work and projects, not just menial office tasks.
  • Supervisors and students jointly complete the internship applications
  • Supervisors complete two performance appraisal forms provided by the management department.
  • Students are paid at least minimum wage, unless employed by a not for profit.
  • Students maintain a log of daily activities and hours worked.
  • Students write a report describing what they learn and their experiences as an intern.

To download the Company Internship Application, please visit or call Dr. Marjorie Icenogle (251) 460-6716.

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2014 Meeting Sponsorships


We are booking speakers and sponsors for 2014 HR Member Meetings at Heron Lakes.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring a meeting, please contact Amy Williams at or 251-460-2655 at your earliest convenience to secure your preferred month.  These sponsorships usually go quickly so reserve your month today!   

For only $400, sponsors may have an exhibit near the check-in table, place literature on each table, and have an opportunity to speak briefly about their companies during the meeting agenda. What could be better than that?

Limited opportunities are available, as there can be only one sponsor for each regular meeting.

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HR students in the USA SHRM Student Chapter would like to shadow you to gain insight into what is involved in human resource management .Shadowing offers students an up-close look inside a workplace, by providing an opportunity to spend work time with an HR professional.  Students observe the application of specific HR practices, but more importantly observe professional behavior in the workplace. 

HR professionals will be matched to students based on students’ interest in your industry or HR specialty. Shadowing can last from a half day to two full days, based on your schedule. To download the Mentoring and Shadowing Program Enrollment Form and Brochure visit

To participate in the Shadowing Program, please e-mail or fax the form to Dr. Marjorie Icenogle, / (251) 460-7909.

Thank You

Door Prizes Sponsors

ESS-Employment Screening Services
 Navigator Credit Union
Gateway Sourcing
Express Employment

We appreciate your support of our chapter and our mission!
** All Door Prize Donors will be recognized in our Monthly Newsletter **

For more info contact Jane Bahr


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The Mobile, Alabama chapter of SHRM exists to promote quality human resource practice among local industries, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. We bring together leading practitioners to provide education, networking and discussion of various human resource topics and to identify the best practices for all aspects of human resource and industrial relations work.

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