December 2015 Board Meeting

Meeting Called to Order on 12/2/2015 at 8:07 AM.

Order of Business:

Carol Statter:  Recap on conference.  There was much confusion the day of the conference due to the convention center overbooking and allowing another vendor to buy out all the parking deck parking.  Carol has written a letter expressing our dissatisfaction to the Convention Center.  We are expecting a discount on the cost of the facility.  Overall Carol believe we broke even.  She felt confident we did not net as much as we did last year.

The 2016 Board Slate is as follows:          

Mary White – President

Jeannine Wilson – President Elect

Diversity – Carla Rogers

Kay Watson – Governmental Affairs

Lisa Nelson – Certification

Past President – Carol Statter

Work Force Readiness -  Nichelle Evans

Shelly Stephens – Conference Co Chair

TBD – Conference Co Chair

TBD – Publicity Coordinator

It was suggested to combine the Webmaster into the Publicity Chair role.  All other board positions will remain with the current incumbent for the 2nd year of their term.

Marjorie Icenogle:      New memberships approved by the board: William Marshall (Professional), Jill Godard (associate). 

Mary Caron Downing:  Asked about the status of the merchant services.

Linda Ramsey:  We are almost set up with the merchant services.  It was a lot more difficult to get set up than she expected.  Mary is going to check on the status.

Treena Finney:           No Report

Jackie Creagh:           No Report/Absent/  Jackie has resigned from her position

Tom Woodford:         No Report/Absent

Kay Watson:               No Report

Shelly Mathis:             No Report/Absent

Shelly Stephens:         No Report/Absent

Terri Pringle:               No Report/Absent

Kasie Irby:                   No Report/Absent

Marcia Washam:        No Report/Absent

Jane Bahr:                   No Report/Absent

Mary White:   Will be taking over the role as President.  She suggested that the Board change the meeting times to every other month. 

Lora Michaels:            No Report/Absent

Jeanine Wilson:          Reminded everyone that the time frame to do the Questionnaire for the SHRM-CP is quickly approaching (12/31/215).


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.  There will be no Board meeting in January.