January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order on 1/27/16 at 8:00 AM.




Absent w/ Notification

Board Members/Directors




Mary White




Jeanine Wilson



Marjorie Icenogle




Mary Caron Downing




Linda Ramsey




Treena Finney

College Relations



Karla Rogers




Kay Watson

Gov't Affairs



Carol Statter

Past President



Shelly Mathis

SHRM Foundation



Nichelle Evans

Workforce Readiness







Lisa Nelson

Certification Coordinator



Emily Miller

Audio Visual



Shelley Stephens

Conference Chair



Mary Benjamin

Conf. Co-Chair



Jane Bahr

Door Prize Coordinator


Susie Jones

Sponsorship Coordinator




Order of Business:

Mary White:  

  • Meeting called to order by Mary White at 8:00. 
  • Board introductions were made as there are several new board members.  The Installation for coordinator positions will be made at the February meeting. Mary explained the board positions to everyone and discussed how the board meetings usually work.  The goal is to keep them to one hour.  However that may be difficult because we have discussed meeting quarterly as opposed to monthly in 2016.  There are webinars available on the National SHRM resource center to aid in explaining the Board member positions.
  • Mary would like the 2016 MSHRM Board to refocus on who we are and our identity.   That being said a vision statement is needed to define the MSHRM and an organization as well as a member of the organization
  • Some of the challenges/feedback Mary has received is that some feel the topic quality has declined, work gets in the way, late notice of certification credits, late notice of meeting topics/speakers, solicitation from vendors and that the organization is not as strong as it used to be and the membership has decreased.
  • Mary asked each board member to consider their position and think about how they can add value to MSHRM.
  • Possible Vision Statement: To provide and communicate value to our members.
  • It was agreed upon that our logo is old and doesn’t reflect the professional organization we want to portray.  Mary Caron Downing motioned to engage a design team to create a new logo for our chapter.  Marjorie Icenogle made a second motion.  Mary mentioned she was familiar with a company that provided graphic design services for logo creation.  Mary Caron Downing offered to compete the survey needed to get the ball rolling on that initiative.
  • Marjorie Icenogle made the suggestion that we ask everyone to introduce themselves at the meetings.  Have someone walk around with a mic (Carol?).
  • Kay Watson suggested that we make sure we are tying Mobile SHRM back to National SHRM.  Make sure everyone is aware of the awards and recognition we have received from National.
  • It was agreed upon that we need a bigger social media presence.  It was suggested that we have someone from the student chapter assist us with that.  Another suggestion was that we could have a student board member on our board too. In the mean time it was asked that board members take photos and post pics and info to the pages.
  • Nichelle suggested adding more volunteer opportunities to add value to membership.  
  • If anyone has any announcements, then please get the info to Emily Miller (AV coordinator) for her to add to the meeting power point presentation.
  • We will be using a new venue for our annual conference in the Fall.  The new venue has not been finalized.  It was suggested that the annual conference be a legal update conference; 1 hour per legal topic.  We will also be having a mini conference in June this year. Workplace violence was suggested as a topic.


Marjorie Icenogle: New Membership applications presented and approved:

  • Kiovonna Towner – HR Specialist at AltaPointe Health Systems, professional member
  • Daniel Orr –Community Director at Dominion Partners, LLC, professional member
  • Clarissa Hamilton – President at Genesis Technical Staffing, professional member
  • Kourtney Mosley – Accounts Payable Clerk, associate member
  • Valerie Arnold – Corp Benefits Administrator at PCH Hotels, professional member
  • Ashley Bergeron – Regional HR Manager at Education Corp of America, professional member
  • Secily Dumas – HR Specialist at BBB Industries, professional member
  • Adrienne Freeman – HR Director at Certified Aviation Services, professional member
  • Terra McCloud – Staffing and Recruiting Coordinator at Norton Lily International, professional member

New Membership application presented and declined:

  • Presley Barry – Consultant, no other information was submitted

New members will be announced pending payment of dues.

  • Going forward new membership applications will require the applicant to create an account online.  The membership list needs cleaning up as there are some people with duplicate accounts.
  • Marjorie presented communication from SalarySurveyOnline.com regarding conducting a salary survey for the benefit of MSHRM members.

Kay Watson: Governmental Affairs update

The March Capitol Hill visit will be March 15, 16 & 17th.  Kay will not be able to attend due to a schedule conflict and she is requesting that someone go in her stead.  Mary Caron said she would check to see if she could attend. 

Mary Caron Downing: Requested feedback from board on whether or not we should turn off online registration at some point before the meeting.  There was a suggestion of charging a higher price for walk ins.

Linda Ramsey: Financials were emailed in advance

Meeting adjourned at 10:00.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 16th at AGC.