March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order on 3/16/2016 by President, Mary White at 8:00 AM.




Absent w/ Notification


Board Members/Directors





Mary White





Jeanine Wilson





Marjorie Icenogle





Mary Caron Downing





Linda Ramsey





Treena Finney

College Relations




Karla Rogers





Kay Watson

Gov't Affairs




Carol Statter

Past President




Shelly Mathis

SHRM Foundation




Nichelle Evans

Workforce Readiness









Lisa Nelson

Certification Coordinator




Emily Miller

Audio Visual




Shelley Stephens

Conference Chair




Mary Benjamin

Conf. Co-Chair




Jane Bahr

Door Prize Coordinator



Susie Jones

Sponsorship Coordinator





Order of Business:

We are waiting on the financials from Linda.

We have the card swiper from Randy and it is working correctly.  However it only works on iphones (not androids).  We can log into the website to take e-cards.

Emily:  The PPT is done for the next meeting.  The clicker is lost.  We have a lapel mic that the speaker can use.

Lisa:     Trello has the certs.  SHRM cert logo is new. Clean logo is needed. The mini conference will be 3 hours of credits and a separate lunch.

Treena: There are two student chapter reps in attendance at this Board meeting; Tiffany and Ty.  Photos from students and social media was shared.  They suggested two ideas: “Ask a Pro” and publish a student spotlight each quarter.  They will have a org staff project in th Fall where we can offer a real problem from a SHRM member and they can come up with a suggested solution.  Ideas on Trello – Newsletter and Facebook.

Student: 13 to east

               Hope to compete next year

               Book Driver progressing

               7 Board member with students

               Need speakers to their meetings – especially MSHRM meetings

               Not able to case competition


Shelly:             Leadership campaign w/receipt

                        Will email – please put on Trello

                        Suggested a silent auction at mini conference.  Suggestions are needed

                        Ask Katie Williams w/ AltaPointe – Marcia Washam might help too. Make and



Mary W.:         Suggested putting sponsor on the website as soon as they commit even if they haven’t paid yet.  We can always take them down if they don’t pay.   Board agreed.  The President and secretary received emails from the Bay Bears publicity rep.  They may be a good sponsor?  Mary will not be able to go to the 2016 National SHRM conference.


Suzie:              She has received venue bids for the Annual conference from:

Ashbury Inn and Suites, Holiday Inn downtown, the Mobile Marriott, and the Battle House.  She was most impressed with the Holiday Inn Downtown.  We would have the entire conf areas all together.  Parking at hotel and the parking garage (for $7).  We got a group room rate of $99/night.  The bid for the Holiday Inn is $9,233.  We are going to move the date to Nov. 4th because the 11th is Veterans Day.  It was suggested to have a social that night after the conference.  The conference marketing effort will be focused on our online presence via the website and social media.  There was a suggestion to raise the member/non-member cost of the conference.  There was debate on whether or not to do that and we are going to wait to make a final decision on that. 

A list of possible themes was presented to the Board.  The board agreed on the following theme: “Super Human Resources: Building a Stronger Work Force”.

Mary B.:          The following people have been lined up to be conference speakers and their speaking topics:

                        Joel Sterling – Veteran Population 

                        Cheryl Hill – Diversity

                        Randy Olson – Subject tbd (maybe overcoming team dysfunction)

                        Caleb Bagwell – Your next generation EE

                        Keith Pareno – Behind the scenes of union organization

                        Doug Marshall – Interviewing/networking techniques

                        Daniel Dayries – Career consulting and res writing

                        Todd Hunt – Communication bleep and blunders in business


The board approved all the speakers listed above.  We do not have a keynote speaker yet. 


Marjorie:         No new members to submit as Marjorie submitted the most recent group of new members via email on 3/8/2016; all of which were approved by board member emails.


Karla:               She would like to send out a Diversity survey to find out what kind of diversity initiative our membership would like.


Jeanine:          The mini conference will be June 10th.  It will be a HR law conference with the following speakers:

Celia Collins, Katherine Willis and Tom Woodford.  The lunch speaker will be a rep form the EEOC.  Marjorie reminded us that the food order through Aramark will need to go through MCOB.  There was discussion on raising the rate for the mini conference as well but no final decision was made.


The December meeting speaker will be Cindy (from Norton Lily) regarding self- defense in the work place.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45.